The team is complete!


Milena Leybold (Foto: Mica Müller CC BY)

Dear followers,
my name is Milena Leybold and I am student assistant at the department of Organization and Learning at the University of Innsbruck, Austria. By having joined the textbook project Organizing Openness at the beginning of March, the team is finally complete.

I am studying my master’s degree in Organization Studies in Innsbruck and spent the last semester at the Stockholm University. Since I have visited the seminar by Leonhard Dobusch “4Open: Open Organizations and Organizing Openess”, addressing the concepts and phenomena of openness, I am fascinated by paradoxical observations lying behind these principles. I am looking forward to contribute to the book with my ideas as well as my experiences in organizational contexts. My hope for the future now is to get inspired by new insights the open form of team work within the context of this book is delivering me. I am still on my way to find “real” openness and how this is influencing our lives…

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