New team member: Hanna-Sophie Bollmann

Hanna-Sophie Bollmann

Hanna-Sophie Bollmann (Foto: Josip Jukic CC BY)

A warm ‘Hello’ to everyone following our blog. I am Hanna-Sophie Bollmann (@sophie_bollmann) and joined the team of Organizing Openness as a student assistant on the first of January 2018. I am currently studying International Relations at TU Dresden but spent my last semester abroad at Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, Colombia.

Having had leading positions in several small organizations, which are related to my study focus Human Rights, I dealt with openness, transparency and flat hierarchies. As an enthusiast of arts I used to think critically about creative common licenses, but have come to be convinced about their positive effects on the art industry. I am generally a big fan of how openness and technology can effect societal issues positively. Especially in terms of education and inclusion, I am excited to discover the capabilities of opening up throughout the formation process of the book. Open you mind & stay tuned!

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